On our trip, course we had a great amount of leisure time to explore the Mediterranean and Aegean sea board from Izmir, Bodrum, Dalyan, Fethiye, Marmaris, Kas Kalkan back to Antalya (Mufide is from Antalya).

I found the people very friendly and easy going always have a smile on their face. They are always ready to clap hands and dance as long as there is music.

Of course what fascinated me most is the culture and history. We saw amazing places like on the Dalian canals where grave sites for the kings were carved high up on mountain side in 4000 BC. Then there was Side which is a old seaport going back to 1000 BC. It had many owners, including the Romans. All pure history.

I also loved the clean and warm sea where it is a great pleasure to jump of the boat and swim.

We travelled from sea level to high up in the mountains to see the changes of the
agriculture from cumin fields to all sorts of citrus and pomegranate fields, cotton and all types of melons. Everywhere are big plastic-covered open greenhouses to grow vegetables all year round.

I loved going to the markets where everything is offered in abundance from fruits and vegetables to spices and fresh fish. It was difficult to know what to buy first as everything is so fresh and (for us)very reasonable in priced.

I am looking forward to explore another part of Turkey next time we go .

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