This is number 68!

When:  26 June 2019 (Wednesday)
Winery: Volcanic Hills Winery
Speaker: Brent Park
Start Time: 6pm

By being where the people are (both domestic and international visitors), Volcanic Hills Winery have brought the wine to the people, often saving a long drive to traditional wine regions.

Volcanic Hills get to choose the best they believe each region has to offer, make their wines in Rotorua and share them with you.  No supermarkets, just hand chosen outlets, restaurants and hotels.

Welcoming soup
Pinot Gris

Our home made Thai Fishcake with our own green tomato and capsicum relish
Sauvignon Blanc 

Chicken filets with pineapple and satay sauce on chickpea, black pepper and onion rice

Dalyan Kofte
Pinot Noir

Spinach and Ricotta dumplings with parsley and white wine sauce 

Revani syrup cakes with wiped cream
12 year old Tawny Port