When: 26 May 2021 (Wednesday)
Speaker: John Crone from Hyperion Wines Matakana
Website: www.hyperionwines.co.nz
Start Time: 6pm

This is Wine Club #80 !

Hyperion Wines is a genuine boutique vineyard and winery producing traditionally crafted wines exclusively from the Matakana winegrowing region, just an hour north of Auckland New Zealand.

Homemade Thai fishcakes
“Helios” Chardonnay

Stuffed chicken breast with Whitestone brie and diced apricots and slow roasted. Served with cranberry sauce and with a broccoli floret.
“Eos” Pinot Noir

Roasted rump of spring lamb with garden mint Merlot jus and pommes Chateau.
“Midas” Malbec

Delicious Down Thyme beef lasagne served with a petit garden salad.
“the Liberator” Chambourcin

Muhallebi a rice milk custard and jelly dessert.
“Acropolis” Port