When: 28 July 2021 (Wednesday)
Speaker: Stu Devine
Website: www.teawangaestate.co.nz
Start Time: 6pm

This is Wine Club #82!

“Te Awanga, with its sea views and breezes, coastal loams and salty air, is the main line for us. The vineyards, the people, the winemaking, the tinkering, the thinking, the planning and dreaming – these moving parts all eventually arrive at the one point – Te Awanga. It’s where it all comes together.”

Akaroa salmon filet with roast Bok joy and ginger pickle.

TE AWANGA ESTATE PINOT GRIS: The wine is ripe and nicely perfumed, displaying white peach, pear and floral characters.

Creamy chicken curry on apricot and Cashew nut pilaf.

QUARTER ACRE VIOGNIER: The 2020 Viognier is wonderfully aromatic with apricot, orange, ginger and a hint of flint to ground it. Rich, pure and exotic.

Roast beef served on herbed and spicy pumpkin mash.

QUARTER ACRE SYRAH: Aromas of rich Black Doris plum, violet, fragrant spice and bramble, the palate is complex and textural with earthy flavours of black cherry, cocoa and tobacco. Underlying power and precision.

Pepperoni & pastry pockets with roast cherry tomatoes.

ONE-OFF SILKY SMOOTH SANGIOVESE CABERNET SAUVIGNON: This wine conjures up the collision of two European power houses. Sangiovese is Italian; sleek and fine, but sometimes lacking in a little agricultural grunt. While Cabernet Sauvignon is as French and as barbaric as the hordes of Gauls who descended to defeat the Italians (well, Romans really) on their southern border.

Spicy mixed berry delight with vanilla ice cream.

ONE-OFF SUPER STAR STICKY (LATE HARVEST GEWURZTRAMINER): I’ve never made a sticky the way I planned, but never made one I don’t love. Golden with aromas of exotic ginger and apricot, backed by a long-lingering palate of peach, loquat and honey. Star quality.