New menu, New name attention to detail with a passion.
Roland and Mufide are consummate chefs and have a deep understanding of quality food presentation. They have both been in the hospitality industry for years and h bring an unsurpassed professionalism to their offerings. The restaurant has been revitalized with an even more Mediterranean feel to reflect their authentic Mediterranean and Turkish cuisine. For me its like stepping into a Spanish restaurant, Turkish, Lebanese, it oozes Mediterranean. Its a pearl without price in Waihi. As a chef, there is no praise too high for Down Thyme.

January 2019

Exquisite flavour profiles and wonderful service
What a delight ! We’ve eaten at Down Thyme twice this week and all of our meals have been exquisite!

You can taste the experience that 30-40 years cooking brings to the delicate but beautiful flavours.

For example, their home blended Ras El Hanout for the Moroccan Beef is a beautifully balanced combination of sweet and savory spices.

Everything is made by hand - the Turkish Bread is as good as any of the well known and well crafted Turkish breads in New Zealand and the House Aged Sirloin just melts in the mouth.

Add to this the very warm and welcoming duo of Roland and Mufide, and you have a night out that is as good as any in the country.

Make the Thyme and go have a meal :)

January 2019

Hidden gem
I’m so happy I found this place!
Best cafe/restaurant in Waihi I my opinion.

Great, fresh, flavoursome fish and vegetables
Best tasting salad ever (is it a German spice??)
Very friendly service
Will be back for sure!

January 2019

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